Capricorns, Aquarians, Big Leos – Oh My!

Capricornus, the Sea Goat, represents the tenth zodiacal constellation. It was associated with the rainy season and water in ancient civilizations around the world, including Mesopotamia, China, Egypt and Aztecs.


For Big Leo, the Capricorn represents hard work, loyalty and dedication which takes the form of the photography of Jim Bastardo and  Hector Sanchez.  These hardworking, shrewd, practical, responsible, and persevering persons, are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal they have set for themselves.  They think profoundly and deeply, thoroughly exploring all possibilities before deciding the answer.

Hector spares no attention to detail when it comes to the quality of his photographs.  A team player, he works to arrive at the best marriage between lighting and composition.

Hector Sanchez Photography

Jim Bastardo is a master of capturing the life within an image whether the moment intends to showcase a beautiful interior for a high end catalog or the community of a work environment for a Fortune 500 company.  Check out Jim’s new email promotion below!


On the Aquarius side of our beloved roster are the incredible talents of travel photographer Andrea Wyner, prop stylist Sarah Cave and food stylist Heidi Johannsen.  Aquarians are said to be friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal , original and inventive , and independent and intellectual.  Nothing could be more true of these three!

If you long to travel, to see far off places and to eat exotic foods that exist only a mere plane ride away, take a glimpse at Andrea Wyner’s amazing travel photographs for a just a moment’s satiation.  The warmth and character living within her deeply traditional images just might make you book a ticket right now.

Picture 2

Over the holidays, in light of our economy, Sarah demonstrated how even poor old Saint Nick had to hit the couch!  Her display design and construction for the MOSCHINO windows are always clever and detailed from inception (see her amazing illustrations, too!) to completion.  Whether she is physically constructing a set, hand crafting holiday cards for editorial shoots, or working magic on a Macy’s print advertisement, Sarah Cave can always be counted upon for one of a kind creativity.


Heidi Johannsen is the quiet genius behind many of the beautiful food stories you’ve seen in Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Food Network Magazine and Everyday with Rachael Ray (to name a few).  Her calm hands and irreplaceable talents have well translated into many book projects as well as ads for LG, Kellogs, Duncan Hines, Wal-mart and more.


Ladies and Gentleman, our January/February artists!  Oh! and a quick shout out, too, to our very own in-house Capricorns:  Willie Mullins a.k.a FARRAD right here in the Big Leo office and Riley, our mascot, at home.