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  • Saveur: Why We Love Winter

    Mariana Velasquez’s stunning food styling work is once again showcased on the cover of Saveur Magazine! Mariana is a ceaselessly impressive food stylist and tastemaker, always amazing us with her beautiful work. Stay tuned for more of Mariana’s work in Saveur, as we’ll be sharing the fantastic stories here on The Den!

  • Food Styling
  • Soda POP!

    If you’re stuck in a Monday rut, we’ve got the perfect project to give you the sugar jolt you need. Our amazing food and beverage stylist Emma Feigenbaum worked on a brand new soda project with photographer Brian Kennedy to create a series of deliciously fizzy drinks. Take a look below!

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  • In the Name of Real Pleasure

    Even though it’s still a bit cold and snowy this Monday morning, we’re so excited to share this fantastic Haagen Dazs ice cream campaign, food styled by Big Leo’s Mariana Velasquez! The global print and film campaign was photographed and directed by Dean Freeman, and stars the very handsome Bradley Cooper. Check out some of […]

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  • Beans Are Beautiful

    Here’s some more amazing work from food stylist Mariana Velasquez for the latest issue of Saveur Magazine! This story is all about beans, providing us with some delicious and innovative recipes that are perfect for the season. Take a look below! Photography by Ryan Liebe.

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  • Dixie Cheesecake

    We’re feeling a tad nostalgic for the holiday season today. WE KNOW we know, it just ended! But we think January can use a little holiday cheer. So we wanted to share this video for Dixie, which was food styled by the fab Emma Feigenbaum! Get your cheesecake on and watch this great how-to. Emma worked […]

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  • Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook

    Chrissy Teigen revealed the cover of her much anticipated cookbook this week, and we couldn’t be more excited! Two of our Big Leo artists contributed to the book–food stylist Brett Long and prop stylist Scott Horne. Though the book hits stores in 2016, the presales have already push the cookbook into the #1 bestseller spot. […]

  • Food Styling
  • Edible Richmond

    Here’s some more amazing food styling work by Emma Feigenbaum! Emma collaborated with photographer Shell B Royster on the most recent cover of Edible Richmond, creating some incredibly artful cookie confections. We’re also including some special behind the scenes photos, which gives you a look into Emma’s intricate process. Check it out below!

  • Food Styling
  • Thanksgiving Guide

    Check out this gorgeous Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving guide, food styled by the talented Mariana Velasquez! If you’re cooking tomorrow (which we’re sure most of you are!), you might need a little bit of help. This guide arms us with some much needed cooking reconnaissance, including bakeware, marinades, and simple stuffing. Take a look below:      

  • Ed Gallagher
  • Wall Street Journal Thanksgiving

    If you’re looking for some Thanksgiving inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Big Leo Prop stylist Ed Gallagher and food stylist Heather Meldrom teamed up to work on this gorgeous holiday story for the Wall Street Journal. The story features a selection of incredible recipes that might be the ideal addition to your Thanksgiving table. Ed and Heather were the perfect […]