• Jennifer Davick
  • Publix Thanksgiving: Apple Pie Punch

    Here’s another amazing Thanksgiving how-to video from director & photographer Jennifer Davick and Publix Supermarkets. If you’re looking to serve a delicious seasonal drink for your holiday dinner, this apple pie punch might be just the thing! Watch below: And be sure to visit the interactive Publix Thanksgiving site for more ideas: http://socialapps.publix.com/thanksgiving/ Publix Thanksgiving: […]

  • Jennifer Davick
  • Publix Thanksgiving: Cranberry Custard

    As promised, we’re thrilled to share the first of several Thanksgiving recipe videos for Publix, directed by the amazing Jennifer Davick. As we mentioned earlier this week, Jennifer created an awesome interactive Thanksgiving site with Publix supermarkets, featuring lots of recipes and inspiration for your own holiday table! Below you’ll find one of the stunning videos. […]

  • Directing
  • Stratosphere

    Lorenzo de Guia is an incredibly accomplished director. We’re always in awe of his ability to create poignant, compelling–and in this case–very funny advertising, with a perspective that is his own. This is precisely why we love these new Stratosphere Hotel spots that were directed by Lorenzo. The campaign comically emphasizes how Stratosphere will ‘take Las Vegas […]

  • Directing
  • ESPN + California Almonds

    We’re thrilled to share Director Lorenzo de Guia’s latest video from ESPN and California Almonds. Lorenzo got very creative on this shoot. He had to find a precise and timely way to make the table vibrate without it being in the shot. Watch the clever commercial below and see how he did it! ESPN x California […]

  • Directing
  • Drop

    Check out the new music video for Drop by DJ Dahi, directed by Lorenzo de Guia. Lorenzo beautifully weaves together a compelling and spirited visual story, which is complemented by DJ Dahi’s music. Dahi is an incredibly impressive producer who has produced tracks for Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Dr. Dre to name a few. Watch below: DJ Dahi “Drop” Artist – DJ Dahi […]

  • Video
  • Pepsi #Halftime

    In Case You Missed It: Duffy Higgins shot these awesome photos and gifs for the Superbowl XLIX Pepsi Twitter feed. They were part of Pepsi’s #Halftime Twitter campaign, and center around Katy Perry’s Halftime prep and performance. All the images were shot entirely at A76 studios! You can check out the tweets on Pepsi’s feed: https://twitter.com/pepsi Photographer/Director: Duffy Higgins, Producer: John Jaxheimer, and […]

  • Directing
  • McDonalds

    Lorenzo de Guia recently directed a new spot for McDonald’s. The video is part of McDonad’s kick-off campaign to spread love to its customers at each and every location (and that’s a lot of locations!). Lorenzo says of the shoot, “We ended up shooting the spot twice. We had to shoot it first in English, and then […]

  • Directing
  • Welcome to The Den: Lorenzo De Guia

    We’re super pumped to welcome director Lorenzo De Guia to the Big Leo Den! Lorenzo is a commercial director and photographer based out of Brooklyn. His work focuses on performance, story telling, and clean, visual flair. Lorenzo recently directed this spot for ESPN and Kingsford. He says of the shoot, ‘Kingsford was a unique challenge. We […]