• Evi Abeler
  • Gift Wrapping Gifs

    Photographer Evi Abeler recently shot these quirky gift wrapping gifs for Instyle.com. The gifs are part of a holiday decor story for the site, providing us with some great tips on how to step up our gift wrapping presentation. The gifs are the perfect visual how-to! http://www.instyle.com/how-tos/gift-wrapping-ideas-david-stark-gif-guide

  • Ed Gallagher
  • In the Present

    The running joke around the office this past summer was that stylist Ed Gallagher was a lost elf, wandering aimlessly around in the wrong season spreading holiday cheer when no one really needed it.  Like drinking egg nog on the beach.  Except that everyone always needs holiday cheer – especially publishers getting ready for the […]