• Ed Gallagher
  • Where Will Color Take You?

    Check out this brand new work from stylist Ed Gallagher for HGTV Magazine and Sherwin Williams. Ed shows us how to use the Sherwin William app and find our perfect hue. Whether you’re painting the wall, trim, or furniture, this handy app will make it a lot easier. Beautiful work, Ed!

  • Courtney de Wet
  • Timeless Meets Trendy

    Here’s the latest work from prop and interior stylist, Courtney de Wet! Courtney worked with photographer David A. Land on this wonderful home decor feature in the newest issue of HGTV Magazine. The story showcases the home of Rebecca and Jeff Delaney and shows off their modern yet classic style.

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  • Glidden Paint

    This weekend could be perfect time to finally repaint that room of your apartment you’ve been meaning to get around to! Check out this Glidden for HGTV advertorial which includes photographs by David Land. The helpful guide provides us with such much needed tips about where to start as well as some innovating decor ideas!

  • Video
  • HGTV & Food Network Magazine Crossover

    We love TV crossovers – Cheers meets Frasier, Mork & Mindy meets Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days, Seinfeld meets Mad About You. So why not create a magazine crossover? Well, HGTV and their sister publication, Food Network Magazine have made a fantastic May crossover cover and insert. Photographed by David Land, this HGTV cover really wowed us! It encapsulates everything we love about […]

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  • Aftermath

    David Land traveled down south to New Orleans for HGTV Magazine, to the home of the Burkhardts. Their home was hammered by Katrina but they persevered and redid the house, room by room.  And it’s not just about the house – the whole neighborhood benefits from this kind of hard work.  Everyone there went through the flood and […]

  • Styling
  • Fun and Festive

    Molly Fitzsimons styled this perfect little cover for HGTV Magazine.  It is quite the creation: all the colors on the tree and the matching typeface, the crisply-wrapped gifts and snowflake highlights.  I guess you could say, this isn’t just a cover, it is a holiday vision of a flawless Christmas.  Molly’s speciality is creating this […]

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  • So Haute Style

    Thank goodness Cyber Monday is over, and we can get back to our normal shopping routine.  Usually this involves hitting up all the best blogs – like So Haute Style, featured here in HGTV, photographed by the only man who logs more miles than Santa, David Land.  I’m not sure how he manages to fit […]

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  • With a Twist

    New Big Leo team member Kat Teutsch shot this cute story for HGTV Magazine, on exciting new ways to spruce up the Thanksgiving dinner table, as detailed by a number of different HGTV personalities.  Only a couple more days until the big feast so it is time to start setting the table!  There is also a […]

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  • Fun House

    David Land photographed this family-friendly space for HGTV – on his blog he says that he aspires to one day have a home where the kids are happy to just hang out.  My mom was always cool about friends coming over, and nice to have that relaxed and safe environment.  Way better than us out […]

  • Styling
  • Switcheroo

    Prop stylist DJ Molly Fitzsimons is all about the home remix – her own brownstone is an ongoing experiment in furniture texture and placement.  For this month’s HGTV magazine she goes modular on a living room that can be customized to fit whatever color pops up in your mood ring this week.  Groovy pics by photo-raver Laura […]

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  • David Land’s Light

    Two perfect David Land stories.  On one hand you’ve got the busy spread for HGTV magazine, featuring the functional family kitchen.  On the other,  Greta Monahan and her vivid style for Better Homes and Gardens.  They both illustrate how it is the people that light up a place.  We’ve always believed that style is something very […]

  • Jim Bastardo
  • Homecoming

    Hot on the heels of a great Memorial Day weekend  comes this makeover story for a homecoming Army sergeant, beautifully photographed for HGTV Magazine by Big Leo’s own Jim Bastardo.  Waiting for your husband to come home on leave must be excruciating, and a huge project like this is the perfect thing to fill those […]