• Barbara Schmidt
  • Winter Greens

    Art director and stylist Barb Schmidt has some brand new work out in StarTribune magazine. She collaborated with photographer Ryan Dyer to create this plant-centric story. Barb said of the shoot, “The best part about creating this story was the day I shopped for the plants. It was so much fun to visit three greenhouses […]

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  • Shane’s Powers

    More and more the best work in the industry these days is the result of a great collaboration.  David Land films phenom stylist and designer Shane Powers bringing a touch of life to the winter months we spend indoors – on assignment from West Elm.  In the old days artists had patrons – in the […]

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  • Decorating with Plants

    Hilary Robertson styled this simple yet luscious story for Real Simple, shot by the green-thumbed Christopher Baker.  There is something so peaceful about plants – the kind of life to have in your home that not only adds a beautiful touch, but also a real living object that animates the rest of the decor.  Why […]