• Paul Sirisalee
  • #TBT Luxe Magazine

    In case you missed it: photographer Paul Sirisalee shot some very creative work for Luxe Magazine. The story showcases a variety of unique and beautiful wallpapers, which Paul has expertly photographed, incorporating his own style and aesthetic. Take a look!

  • David Lewis Taylor
  • By Invitation Only

    Still life photographer David Lewis Taylor has a new jewelry & fine accessories feature in this month’s Elle Decor Magazine! The aspirational story provides us a luxe peek into one very glamorous summer soiree. The elegant feature is by invitation only, but fortunately for us (and you), we’re on the guest list. Take a peek below!

  • Food Styling
  • Chocolate

    In case you missed it, we wanted to share this wonderful chocolate project styled by Mariana Velasquez and photographed by Beth Galton. The project focuses on desserts, incorporating the deconstructed yet beautiful aesthetic we love about Mariana’s styling. Take a look at all the beautiful images below.

  • Antonis Achilleos
  • Have Your Ugg & Wear it Too

    We’re excited to share this new campaign for Ugg Australia by our brilliant photographer Antonis Achilleos. The ads feature luxe sneakers for both men and women, using deconstructed leather that requires no break in time. Antonis did an amazing job with this shoot, photographing the shoes on wood, which provides a gorgeous visual contrast between hard wood […]

  • Ed Gallagher
  • For The Love of Citrus

    As you probably already know, Ed Gallagher is one of Big Leo’s fantastic prop stylists. You’ve seen his brilliant work featured in places such as Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, and One Kings Lanes to name a few. But did you know that Ed is also an immensely skilled food and tabletop stylist? Take […]

  • Photography
  • Time to Split?

    If you check out this month’s issue of Barron’s, you find this story shot by James Worrell! For this shoot James shot the Pepsi and Fritos as a still life, and then photographed the photograph! We think the final image for this story really pops. Plus, James was kind enough to send us some special outtakes of the shoot. […]

  • Photography
  • James Worrell Featured on Feature Shoot

    The fantastic work of James Worrell was recently featured on Feature Shoot, an online magazine showcasing all genres of work from both up-and-coming and established photographers. Also part of their site is an exclusive category channel partner with OFF SET, a premium collection from Shutterstock. James has a collection of his work on OFF SET, which Feature Shoot discovered. […]

  • Photography
  • Find the Hidden Bargains

    We are always impressed by James Worrell’s photographs. So of course, he does not disappoint on this month’s cover of ShopSmart Magazine. He even gave us (and you) a behind the scenes sneak peek. Take a look at his process below! Also, be sure to check out his very cool Instagram project Flat Shit!

  • Ed Gallagher
  • Color in the Kitchen

    Ed Gallagher styled these great scenes for the new Williams-Sonoma catalog, shot by the always-dynamic Sang An.  It’s been interesting to see the catalogs drift more towards the editorial side of things, while the magazines drift more towards the catalog format.  Somewhere in there is a recipe for success that involves beautiful pictures of items […]

  • Ed Gallagher
  • Spring Test

    Ed Gallagher styled these wonderful images shot by photographer Jon Gordon.  It is always great to spend some time in the studio for yourself, to focus purely on the beauty of light and interplay of objects.  It is pure composition for composition’s sake, and it helps to recharge your creative batteries so you can bring […]