Welcome to The Den – Duffy Higgins

Big Leo is thrilled to welcome our newest director, Duffy Higgins to The Den! Duffy’s directorial approach to storytelling is an intimate and visual affair. He’s brought his fresh and dynamic aesthetic to Levi’s for ESPN, Citi for the Summer & Winter Olympics, and to Kiehl’s for a charitable motorcycle ride across 1800 miles of Americana. Duffy’s most recent clients also include: Victoria Secret, Credit Suisse, Women’s Health, Time Warner Cable, and Google.

Duffy dives into directing headfirst in order to conceptualize clients’ and brands’ belief systems. And he infiltrates crowds in order to showcase the emotions of attending a festival. Below you’ll see three videos from the annual Bonnaroo music festival, which Duffy directed. The videos truly capture the spirit of the event in a really special way! We asked Duffy to reflect on his directorial approach to shooting Bonnaroo 2011, and why it’s one of his favorite shoots:

“Bonnaroo 2011 was definitely one of my favorites because it was like being a kid in a candy store. I hadn’t really experienced a major music festival before–as a shooter or fan–so being immersed in that world with those people and artists was a beautiful and fulfilling experience. I love shooting musicians performing, creating, and entertaining, so this was truly an ideal situation for me. I had also gone into it with a creative plan that I really pushed to stick with and actually made happen while on the ground. Once I got to post-production with my editor, John Reis, that creative plan really took shape and ultimately drove us to the final cuts.”

Bonnaroo 2011. Day 1. from A76 PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Bonnaroo 2011. Day 2. from A76 PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Bonnaroo 2011. Day 3. from A76 PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.