Lorenzo de Guia recently directed a new spot for McDonald’s. The video is part of McDonad’s kick-off campaign to spread love to its customers at each and every location (and that’s a lot of locations!). Lorenzo says of the shoot,

“We ended up shooting the spot twice. We had to shoot it first in English, and then very separately had to shoot it in Spanish with different talent. That meant that we had a lot less time to shoot each. The amount of time we would normally have to shoot a single spot, we had to split up between the two in order to accommodate both takes. As you can see the Spanish and English are exactly the same, except for the actor. We needed to move quickly, so I designed a shot list utilizing a Steadicam op so that we had more mobility and fluidity within the shots. However, it also gave us the ability to reset and get as many takes as we could in our crunched timeframe.”

McDonalds “High Five” from Lorenzo de Guia on Vimeo.