Puma Spot

We caught up with set designer and prop stylist Liz Engelhardt and asked her about her work on this awesome Puma spot. We are so impressed by the video and wanted to know a bit more about the making of it. Here’s what Liz said about the process:

“For the set, the oranges were all real navels. Luckily, they happened to balance on the reclaimed lumber floor exactly the way I wanted them to! Of course we came prepared to rig them though so they wouldn’t wobble. I provided the reclaimed lumber floor and the oranges,  and it was shot on green screen. The sky was added in post production. The exploding oranges were arranged at Jauchem and Meeh. The producers and I went out there with a ton of oranges and I think I attached them to monofiliment to suspend them. Finally, a mild explosive was buried into the center of the orange and detonated.
We did about 15 takes with fifteen oranges. I loosened the skin on some and sliced the skin on others to get the exact desired explosion result we wanted. In order to make the oranges move, we suspended some of the plank floor and attached monofiliment to each of the oranges and gently pulled them back and forth. All of it was put together in post, making a pretty surreal spot out of it. I really liked the end result!”
We loved the end result too! Check out the surreal video below:

PUMA – Styling by Liz Engelhardt from Big Leo on Vimeo.