Dramatic. Appetizing. Sound-Rich. Shareable.

Photographer and director Jennifer Davick is at it again with some new directorial videos for Food Network! Her and Big Leo prop stylist Kristine Trevino, worked with the Food Network International to develop a series of 21 broadcast interstitials–the content that runs between regularly scheduled shows. From acai to sushi and pierogies to pesto, each 3 second spot is its own story isolating the beginning, middle and end of a sound-rich, hyper-dramatic food moment.

In her signature style, Jennifer blended high speed capture and speed ramping to come away with an edit that is sure to entertain as much as it reveals the intricacies of each of these international delicacies.  These super quick stories last just long enough to intrigue the viewer and keep her tuned in as she moves along to the next one. While this work was tailored to broadcast, the format fits perfectly for Social. Wouldn’t you agree?

Food Styling: Nir Adar
Production Company: Compulsive Pictures

Watch some below!