Kate Mara for Women’s Health

We’re so excited to share this new behind the scenes video for Women’s Health by director Duffy Higgins. It’s an intimate look into Kate Mara’s dreams and ambitions along with her movie theater preferences following her cover shoot for Women’s Health March Issue. We love Duffy’s keen directorial eye and think he did an awesome job putting […]

Pepsi #Halftime

In Case You Missed It: Duffy Higgins shot these awesome photos and gifs for the Superbowl XLIX Pepsi Twitter feed. They were part of Pepsi’s #Halftime Twitter campaign, and center around Katy Perry’s Halftime prep and performance. All the images were shot entirely at A76 studios! You can check out the tweets on Pepsi’s feed: https://twitter.com/pepsi Photographer/Director: Duffy Higgins, Producer: John Jaxheimer, and […]