• Nicole Twohy
  • Popsugar x Nexxus

    Food stylist Nicole Twohy recently teamed up with Popsugar and Nexxus to create these great advertorial images for the hair product brand. In one particular shot, Nicole expertly styles an array of fresh ingredients–perfect for your next blended smoothie!

  • Liz Engelhardt
  • Wall Street Journal

    People who don’t have time, make time to read the Wall Street Journal. This is the tag line of the latest ads from The Wall Street Journal. Prop styled by Liz Engelhardt, and photographed by Craig LaCourt, the print ads feature Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP and an avid WSJ reader. The portraits encapsulate […]

  • Video
  • HP for the Holidays

    David Land filmed this great little short video for HP and DwellStudios.  This kind of collaboration is becoming more and more common and it’s a cool way to connect with viewers on a level that is more interactive than your typical advertising.  You can get a real sense of how the craft comes together and […]

  • Food Styling
  • Party Weekend!

    Just like us, photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat and food stylist Carrie Purcell are ready to thrown down this last summer weekend before school is back in session.  Who needs a pile of textbooks when you can just spend it all on mojitos?  And who needs a party when you can just hunker down in the […]

  • Food Styling
  • Bizzy

    Convenience mixed with style – and lots of Bacardi.  Sounds like our kind of party!  Throw down with photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat and drink stylist Carrie Purcell in this retro glam spread that gets me thirsty just looking at it.  I hope after a hard day of creating this intricate set and shooting drinks before the […]

  • Food Styling
  • Truvia

    In this week’s episode of ‘Keeping up with the Purcells,’ Andrew and Carrie are faced with their greatest challenge yet – there is no more sugar left in the world and all their recipes need to be rethought in a newer, healthier light.  Enter Truvia.  The seemingly daunting task was far easier than anyone could […]

  • Styling
  • Kick it Root Down

    Andrew Purcell goes back to his roots in this story from Food Network Magazine.  Growing beets in the garden is just so easy – and there is nothing like the feeling of pulling up a giant beet out of the cool ground, washing off the dirt, tossing it in to the pot, and then that beautiful […]