One-Dish Meals

On the newsstands now, these Cooking Light covers were shot by Andrew Purcell  and styled by Carrie Purcell.  There’s something so elegant about the one-dish meal. – normally, every separate dish you make is going to require separate utensils until you have a veritable dish hydra. We much prefer to simplify – all the food groups […]

French Toast

TGIF and all I can think about is a nice weekend brunch with a double helping of maple syrup on some of these french toast beauties, all shot by Andrew Purcell for Food Network Magazine.  There’s something so indulgent about french toast, even though it is simply bread, eggs, butter, and whatever pizzazz you choose […]


We’re really sorry about this, but we’re sharing Andrew Purcell‘s cover for the Fine Cooking SIP ‘Breakfast and Brunch.’  It is just too delicious, with mind-numbing maple syrup and perfect waffles by Carrie Purcell.   Mornings are just so hectic that sitting down with a breakfast like this, it sounds like paradise.  Even just a […]

Small by Design

Andrew Purcell‘s cover for Everyday Food is simple and delicious; his cover for Prevention magazine is tasty and heroic.  Both of the magazines come from a tradition of small sizes, where the design must read well on a cover with a lot less real estate.  It’s a real art to shoot something for this format […]


Andrew Purcell shot this fantastic Martha Stewart cookbook full of vegetarian recipes – Meatless.  At this point we’re all pretty much aware of the benefits of a vegetarian diet.  Not just in terms of health, but also the environmental impact of raising meat.  Finally the idea is mainstream enough for Martha do give it her […]

Oh, Tomatoes

This week Big Leo agent extraordinaire Maria Avitabile brought in some amazing heirloom tomatoes from her garden.  Anything else is not really a tomato – those things at the grocery store are some strange lab experiment that taste a little like water and a lot like fake.  But these fresh tomatoes are so good that […]

Kebab Universe

We all knew it was only a matter of time until Andrew Purcell hit the big time with some sharp covers to kick off the next phase of his career: world domination.  We just didn’t realize that instead of one awesome cover – it would three at the same time!  I guess we’re going to have […]


Andrew Purcell is heating up this summer with tons of new work out and even more on the way.  Like this Food Network cover piled high with delectable sliders.  And what is up with the crazy frozen bananas?  Dipped in chocolate and rolled around in every topping imaginable – when you’re eating something that healthy […]


Andrew Purcell behind the camera. Carrie Purcell at the stove. A studio chock full of bread and cheese for Food Network Magazine’s article on 50 grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just thinking about it makes me want to diet for a week.  You know, so that the next week I can eat all 50.  By the end […]