• Barbara Schmidt
  • Winter Greens

    Art director and stylist Barb Schmidt has some brand new work out in StarTribune magazine. She collaborated with photographer Ryan Dyer to create this plant-centric story. Barb said of the shoot, “The best part about creating this story was the day I shopped for the plants. It was so much fun to visit three greenhouses […]

  • Alex Hayden
  • Holiday Pair

    If you’ve checked the latest issue of Spaces Magazine, maybe you saw this spirited interior story from Big Leo’s photographer Alex Hayden and art director & stylist Barb Schmidt. The pair worked together to create a very beautiful story, perfect for holiday inspiration! We caught up with Barb, who art directed and styled this shoot. “This […]

  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Pretty in Pink

    Prop stylist and art director Barb Schmidt’s beautiful new work is showcased on this month’s cover of Midwest Magazine! The styling of the cover image is exquisite–featuring a gorgeous dining room table that’s embellished with light pink accents and hues. Take a look below! Photographed by Tim Nehotte

  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Midwest Home

    In case you missed it, glimpse this work from prop stylist and art director Barbara Schmidt from the August issue of Midwest Home. The photographs are from the home of one of Barb’s favorite interior design clients of all time. His taste is impeccable, and his private art collection is superb. He allowed Barb and […]

  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Spring Spaces

    We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and spent some quality time with family and friends! We definitely did! Before the Monday chaos sets in (which let’s face it, it already has), we wanted to share with you some spring images which were art directed and styled by Barbara Schmidt. Both photographs were […]

  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Northwest Orient

    We’re excited to share some new work by Barbara Schmidt! Barb is a fantastic prop stylist. However, she’s also a force when it comes to creative direction, as evidenced by this new story in Spaces Magazine. All of the art direction for the story was done by Barbara, while the prop styling was executed by Claire Neviaser, a member […]

  • Styling
  • Sarah Cave’s New Site

    After an intensive process of tracking down all the images and editing them into the perfect mix of style and substance, Sarah Cave has released her new site!  Featuring her commercial work as well as personal projects, the portfolio really represents her vision as an artist and prop stylist.  Please head over and spend some […]

  • Photography
  • Water in your Whiskey

    Ain’t sure how to feel about the magazine Whiskey Advocate.  Who the hell isn’t an advocate of whiskey?  Saddle up to the bar and have a drink with James Worrell, who shot this nice little story as yet another reason to sip on some Jack Daniels.  Yep, I drink Jack.  And so do the other […]