• Julia Choi
  • Breakfast of Champions

    Big Leo prop stylist Kristine Trevino and food stylist Julia Choi teamed up with conceptual photographer Jenna Gang to create a photo series featuring lots of eye catching and delicious breakfast foods. The project is bright, colorful, and showcases the groups immense talent and expertise. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Kristine Trevino
  • Healthy & Happy Starts

    We’ve all heard at one time or another that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But we’ll admit that we’re not exactly consistent at eating it. And if we do, we…might be known to grab a donut or two. Now that spring is here, we figured it’s probably time to kick the bad breakfast […]

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  • French Toast

    TGIF and all I can think about is a nice weekend brunch with a double helping of maple syrup on some of these french toast beauties, all shot by Andrew Purcell for Food Network Magazine.  There’s something so indulgent about french toast, even though it is simply bread, eggs, butter, and whatever pizzazz you choose […]

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  • Favorites

    We’re really sorry about this, but we’re sharing Andrew Purcell‘s cover for the Fine Cooking SIP ‘Breakfast and Brunch.’  It is just too delicious, with mind-numbing maple syrup and perfect waffles by Carrie Purcell.   Mornings are just so hectic that sitting down with a breakfast like this, it sounds like paradise.  Even just a […]