Fancy Bites

Food stylist Mariana Velasquez‘s sure hand and attention to detail is truly on display in this smorgasbord for Brides Magazine.  You can really see her skill here because it isn’t just one beautiful dish.  12 separate recipes, each one as perfect and precise as the next, all for one shot.  The timing for the plating […]

Whiskey Mixer

Oh wow- this post about whiskey cockatails, styled by Paul Lowe and shot by studio master Jeff Harris, it was supposed to go up yesterday.  But we were way to hungover from taking cocktail week a little too seriously.  But after a day off we’re ready to fall off the wagon yet again, with these ice […]

We’re Unwerthy!

During this Bacardi shoot, things predictably got a little rowdy.  Loud music, beautiful people, and the legendary Ellen Von Unwerth directing a veritable army of creative artists who were tasked with bringing the historic scene to life.  You can’t fake a scene like this, it has to be a real party.  And at some point […]