Poison Pie

Check out this new conceptual work from food stylist Nicole Twohy! Nicole worked with photographer Jenna Gang to create a photographic narrative called Poison Pie. They were picked up by a beautiful quarterly publication out of LA called Compound Butter “a publication about food, art, and all the things in between”. The series is featured in […]

A Conception Conundrum

We are super impressed by this conceptual story for Psychology Today. Styled by Alma Melendez and photographed by Kenji Toma, the images immediately grab our attention. Alma says of the shoot, ‘ “conceptual photos” are about having strong imagery to represent the subject being written about. Conceptual images are creative and contained in ways that other photographs […]

Picky picky

Brian Pineda was locked in the studio with a client, a bunch of kids, and one camera.  It is hard to tell just who was the pickiest person in the room.  Probably not the kid.  Was it the stylist, Jen Evrett?  Certainly the rows and rows of food packages look very nice and OCD.  Or […]

Smart Pictures of Money

James Worrell‘s slogan is ‘photography for thinking.’  It is an important distinction to make, since most photographs tend towards an emotional response.  It takes extra foresight to create an intelligent image designed to illustrate a concept.  Besides the idea, it also needs to be technically and aesthetically sound.  In this series of openers for Smart […]

On the Clock

In this conceptual shoot for AARP Magazine, James Worrell takes on the clock.  First of all, I’m not sure who is having sexy-time at 8pm.  Especially when ‘William and Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage’ is on.  Second of all, just thinking about doing yoga at 6am is stressful.  Especially after all the red wine and royal […]