One-Dish Meals

On the newsstands now, these Cooking Light covers were shot by Andrew Purcell  and styled by Carrie Purcell.  There’s something so elegant about the one-dish meal. – normally, every separate dish you make is going to require separate utensils until you have a veritable dish hydra. We much prefer to simplify – all the food groups […]

All About the Benjamins

Jorg Meyer recently had the pleasure of photographing Benjamin Todd Jealous for Columbia Magazine.  Benjamin is the youngest ever national leader of the NAACP.  Jorg was with him in Washington and had this to say: He was a wonderful person to work with – so professional. First on location, and than in a prepared studio […]

Pecan Bacon Syrup

Cynthia Groseclose styled this tart cover for Garden and Gun‘s latest issue, along with a story on late-summer sides, photographed by our favorite dashboard bobble-head Squire Fox.  For the record, I would just like to note that southern food has the most awesome recipes names.  Cast-iron charred corn. Turnips and greens in miso-ham broth.  Candied sweet […]

Backyard Classics

The best way to cook meat is over a fire.  Call us primitive, but nothing beats an open flame and smoky flavor. Food stylist Cynthia Groseclose went back to basics for these Cooking Light covers, shot by Barney Rubble.  I mean, Squire Fox.  So this weekend make sure to stock up on paper towels, because […]

Get Fresh

David Land shot this beautiful cover for Lonny magazine, featuring floral designed Brittany Asch of BRRCH.  I was talking to a friend the other day about magazines, and how there are almost 200 new titles each year.  Except that, only about 20 make it to one year, and only about 5 make it to 2 years.  And […]

Emma Feigenbaum

Big Leo is proud to announce our newest member of the pride, food stylist Emma Feigenbaum! And it is with much fanfare that she arrives right along with her new Better Homes and Gardens cover shot for the April issue by Andy Lyons and styled by Stephen Perfetto.  It’s the perfect picture to launch but […]

Small by Design

Andrew Purcell‘s cover for Everyday Food is simple and delicious; his cover for Prevention magazine is tasty and heroic.  Both of the magazines come from a tradition of small sizes, where the design must read well on a cover with a lot less real estate.  It’s a real art to shoot something for this format […]


Andrew Purcell shot this fantastic Martha Stewart cookbook full of vegetarian recipes – Meatless.  At this point we’re all pretty much aware of the benefits of a vegetarian diet.  Not just in terms of health, but also the environmental impact of raising meat.  Finally the idea is mainstream enough for Martha do give it her […]

Fun and Festive

Molly Fitzsimons styled this perfect little cover for HGTV Magazine.  It is quite the creation: all the colors on the tree and the matching typeface, the crisply-wrapped gifts and snowflake highlights.  I guess you could say, this isn’t just a cover, it is a holiday vision of a flawless Christmas.  Molly’s speciality is creating this […]

Kebab Universe

We all knew it was only a matter of time until Andrew Purcell hit the big time with some sharp covers to kick off the next phase of his career: world domination.  We just didn’t realize that instead of one awesome cover – it would three at the same time!  I guess we’re going to have […]

Physicians and Surgeons

Jörg Meyer is on a shooting spree – just in the last couple of months he’s had 4 big stories released, with more on the way.  He shot this cover of the magazine for Columbia Medicine, on the father-son team of Paul and Andy Marks.  It’s always interesting to see generations working on the same […]