Costumes & Crafts for Halloween

More Halloween costume inspiration from prop stylist & crafter, Kristine Trevino! We’ve already shared a bunch of Kristine’s handcrafted Halloween costumes from her Real Simple Magazine story, but since the holiday is coming up quick, we wanted to give you a few more ideas. Take a look below and get crafting! We know we’ve shared […]

Costume Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re starting to get excited about costumes! We have some ideas in mind, but could definitely use some inspiration. Thanks to Real Simple and stylist & crafter Kristine Trevino, we’ve got just the inspo we need! Kristine created an arsenal of easy to make, but super creative costumes for the whole […]

Handmade Halloween

We’ve got a ton of innovative Halloween costume ideas for you, these from prop stylist & crafter Kristine Trevino for Real Simple Magazine. Any time we can pull off making a hand made costume, we’re impressed! Kristine makes crafting these Halloween costumes super easy. You’ve still got time left!

Hidden Treasures

Sarah Cave developed and styled this eggs-celent story for Rachael Ray, along with art director Jess Weit and editor Allyson Dickman, and photographed by Burcu Avsar.  It’s a really cool idea to take the camouflage to the next level, and even sharp-eyed kids won’t find it easy to spot these beauties.  We asked Sarah about her process […]