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  • Summer Drinks

    Even though Summer is winding down, there’s still plenty of time do enjoy some delicious iced drinks! Food & drink stylist extraordinaire, Julia Choi, worked with photographer Jenna Gang to create some very fun drink shots. We especially love that tropical frappuccino!

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  • Whiskey Mixer

    Oh wow- this post about whiskey cockatails, styled by Paul Lowe and shot by studio master Jeff Harris, it was supposed to go up yesterday.  But we were way to hungover from taking cocktail week a little too seriously.  But after a day off we’re ready to fall off the wagon yet again, with these ice […]

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  • Bizzy

    Convenience mixed with style – and lots of Bacardi.  Sounds like our kind of party!  Throw down with photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat and drink stylist Carrie Purcell in this retro glam spread that gets me thirsty just looking at it.  I hope after a hard day of creating this intricate set and shooting drinks before the […]

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  • Cocktail Time

    Somebody call Sandra Lee – it is cocktail week at Big Leo!  Break out the mixer and let’s get this party started, because it is 5 o’clock somewhere even before our liquid breakfast here in Brooklyn.  First up, let’s wet our tongue with this hot little number from Sweet Paul Magazine, shot by that tall […]