• David Lewis Taylor
  • By Invitation Only

    Still life photographer David Lewis Taylor has a new jewelry & fine accessories feature in this month’s Elle Decor Magazine! The aspirational story provides us a luxe peek into one very glamorous summer soiree. The elegant feature is by invitation only, but fortunately for us (and you), we’re on the guest list. Take a peek below!

  • David Lewis Taylor
  • Worn & Wonderful

    Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we’ve got one thing on our mind: SHOPPING. We’re taking advantage of all the incredible deals happening today, thanks to Cyber Monday. And speaking of shopping, take a look at this beautiful story in the latest issue of Elle Decor, photographed by David […]

  • David Lewis Taylor
  • Pattern Inspiration

    Happy Friday everyone! We’ve got the perfect home decor inspiration to kick off your weekend. Check out this absolutely stunning story by photographer David Lewis Taylor from the latest issue of Elle Decor Magazine. The design feature is filled with brilliantly patterned fabrics from around the globe!

  • David Lewis Taylor
  • David Lewis Taylor is Beyond Brilliant

    Please welcome our brilliant still life and interior photographer David Lewis Taylor to The Den! David’s clients include numerous magazine publishers, advertising agencies, leading interior designers and creative entrepreneurs. His dedication to the foundation of his chosen media and his embrace of the field’s evolving technology have served him well in his chosen areas of […]

  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Elle Decor + Honda

    Here’s some more great work from prop stylist and set designer Barb Schmidt’s shoot with The Hearst Corporation, sponsored by Honda. These images were featured in Elle Decor Magazine as part of an awesome living room design guide. The story provides us with some fantastic family friend tips on how to make our living rooms both functional […]

  • Styling
  • Far Afield with Hilary Robertson

    Stylist Hilary Robertson makes the prestigious Elle Decor cover just sing.  It feels like the real spring, with an open door propped by a cute pup, fresh lilacs on the table and bright sunny day outside.  I think we’re all ready to walk right into that scene and out the door into the light.  Photo by […]

  • Styling
  • Perfectionism

    Hilary Robertson styled this wonderfully symmetric cover for Elle Decor, shot by unwavering William Waldron.  It really is astounding just how much the image was shot to match the design of the cover.  I just picture them with the cover overlay up on the screen, managing the tiniest details and chosen asymmetries, like the bag on […]

  • Styling
  • Big Everything

    Stylist Hilary Robertson traveled way way out to Big Sky, Montana for this Elle Decor story with the peerless Pieter Esterhosen.  When I asked her about the shoot she said the biggest challenge was getting that many flowers out there.  There aren’t exactly any flower markets in the snowy mountains. But with the help of the NYC-based […]