The Art of Setting the Table

Brilliant food stylist and tastemaker, Mariana Velasquez, was recently featured in Saveur Magazine. She was interviewed as part of a larger story titled, The Art of Setting the Table. Mariana is not only an expert when it comes to cooking delicious food, but she also has an immense talent for table setting and design. Saveur asked Mariana about her philosophy on […]

Fun House

David Land photographed this family-friendly space for HGTV – on his blog he says that he aspires to one day have a home where the kids are happy to just hang out.  My mom was always cool about friends coming over, and nice to have that relaxed and safe environment.  Way better than us out […]

Sips at Sundown

Nothing says lazy summer afternoon like a porch party with your neighbors.  It’s about as laid back as it gets.  Of course, Dallas in August is probably not the best time and place for sitting outside.  David Land braved the heat to shoot this ‘unplanned party plan’ for Better Homes and Gardens.  This Friday do […]


Convenience mixed with style – and lots of Bacardi.  Sounds like our kind of party!  Throw down with photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat and drink stylist Carrie Purcell in this retro glam spread that gets me thirsty just looking at it.  I hope after a hard day of creating this intricate set and shooting drinks before the […]

Fresh Living

In this sharp little video filmed by David Land, Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul fame gives some great tips on spring entertaining for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It was shot for the iPad edition of the magazine; these videos are very much the equivalent of a story in the magazine, but more animated and […]