Kate Mara for Women’s Health

We’re so excited to share this new behind the scenes video for Women’s Health by director Duffy Higgins. It’s an intimate look into Kate Mara’s dreams and ambitions along with her movie theater preferences following her cover shoot for Women’s Health March Issue. We love Duffy’s keen directorial eye and think he did an awesome job putting […]

East meets West

David Land just released his 3rd designer tête-á-tête for TradHome, for the Spring 2013 issue. It’s a cool little video with a lot of chemistry between designers Amanda Nisbet and Joe Lucas. These clips are a great introduction to each designer’s personality – which ultimately has a lot to do with the way they spice […]

The Thermo-Sour

David Land had the opportunity to film chef Dave Arnold, master of molecular gastronomy, for this GQ short.  Taking a whiskey sour and heating it up seems almost redundant, because whiskey already helps keep us warm in the winter.  But leave it to a master chef to take the drink to the next level by […]

HP for the Holidays

David Land filmed this great little short video for HP and DwellStudios.  This kind of collaboration is becoming more and more common and it’s a cool way to connect with viewers on a level that is more interactive than your typical advertising.  You can get a real sense of how the craft comes together and […]

Not tomorrow, Today!

At this point all the graduates have come and gone and partied hard to their new summer freedom.  It took a little while but we finally got our hot little hands on this video Sarah Cave styled for for the Today Show.  Tons of cool party ideas that she concepted out, crafted and styled for […]

Juicy Nostalgia

Brian Pineda shot these cool images for for Juicy Couture – all the still life, and then the hands holding the printed photos.  I think my favorite thing about going on shoots these days is the images they print out and post to a board in a large array.  Something tactile in a digital world. […]

Fresh Living

In this sharp little video filmed by David Land, Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul fame gives some great tips on spring entertaining for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It was shot for the iPad edition of the magazine; these videos are very much the equivalent of a story in the magazine, but more animated and […]

Caribbean Craft

David Land packed up his gear and traveled all the way down to Haiti for this shoot on Carribean Craft for West Elm and HandEye Magazine.  I feel like there was a time when it seemed that all manufacturing was moving towards bigger and more volume and lower quality, when buying from a company meant […]