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  • All Star Tips

    We’re thrilled to share food stylist Mariana Velasquez’s latest work for The Food Network! Mariana styled and was featured in a new spot for the network’s hit show, All-Star Academy. In the video Mariana cooks up some tips on how to prepare salmon in a variety of delicious ways. Not only is the promo super informative, but it […]

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  • Endless Summer Cookbook

    We’re thrilled to share the release of Katie Lee’s–co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen–new cookbook, Endless Summer. Katie is a huge devotee of summer parties and gatherings, and she shares some of her seasonal party recipes in the new book. Beautifully food styled by Mariana Velasquez, Big Leo alumnus Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul fame, and photographed by Lucy […]

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  • French Toast

    TGIF and all I can think about is a nice weekend brunch with a double helping of maple syrup on some of these french toast beauties, all shot by Andrew Purcell for Food Network Magazine.  There’s something so indulgent about french toast, even though it is simply bread, eggs, butter, and whatever pizzazz you choose […]

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  • Extra Hot Teutsch

    Another hot feature by Kat Teutsch for Food Network magazine, this time on three different kinds of chili.  I know we’ve been posting all winter about foods that warm you up, but this time we’re going for extra hot sauce to really spice things up.  Just looking at those jalapeño makes my mouth water in […]

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  • Shrimp and Grits

    Welcome to February!  Sometimes the only cure for that cold cold wind is some hearty Southern cooking.  Kat Teutsch shot this beautiful story on some of Bobby Deen‘s recipes for Food Network Magazine.  Shrimp and grits, chicken-fried steak, red beans and rice.  Those lean winter months are a perfect excuse for tossing the diet out […]

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  • Kebab Universe

    We all knew it was only a matter of time until Andrew Purcell hit the big time with some sharp covers to kick off the next phase of his career: world domination.  We just didn’t realize that instead of one awesome cover – it would three at the same time!  I guess we’re going to have […]

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  • Bananas

    Andrew Purcell is heating up this summer with tons of new work out and even more on the way.  Like this Food Network cover piled high with delectable sliders.  And what is up with the crazy frozen bananas?  Dipped in chocolate and rolled around in every topping imaginable – when you’re eating something that healthy […]

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  • Cheeeeeeeese

    Andrew Purcell behind the camera. Carrie Purcell at the stove. A studio chock full of bread and cheese for Food Network Magazine’s article on 50 grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just thinking about it makes me want to diet for a week.  You know, so that the next week I can eat all 50.  By the end […]

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  • Kick it Root Down

    Andrew Purcell goes back to his roots in this story from Food Network Magazine.  Growing beets in the garden is just so easy – and there is nothing like the feeling of pulling up a giant beet out of the cool ground, washing off the dirt, tossing it in to the pot, and then that beautiful […]

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  • Hack the Salad Bar

    I wonder if places like Whole Foods track the most popular salad ingredients that people choose, and keep an eye on how the salad bar fares as a profit center.  There are a lot of ways that you can save money there – in this story from Food Network shot by and styled by Andrew […]