• Julia Choi
  • Don Julio

    Food Styling, Food, Drinks, Big Leo Productions

    Drink up! If you’re looking for your next great summer cocktail, look no further! Food stylist Julia Choi prepared some awesome cocktails for Don Julio tequila. You can catch the images on their Instagram feed!

  • Nicole Twohy
  • Sally Hansen Nails

    If you can’t treat yourself to a manicure today, then you can definitely treat yourself to these conceptual shots for nail brand Sally Hansen, food styled by the amazing Nicole Twohy! Nicole worked with photographer Jenna Gang to create the pop-y adds.  

  • Evi Abeler
  • Culture 28

    Here’s another beautiful story for Culture Magazine from photographer Evi Abeler and food stylist Julia Choi! The pair worked on the Magazine’s annual cheese pairings issue, and the imagery really speaks for itself. Take a look below at some of the awesome pages from the issue.

  • Food Styling
  • #decktheballs

    Emma Feigenbaum is the very talented food stylist behind all the videos and vines you’ve seen on Facebook celebrating #decktheballs. What is #decktheballs, you ask? It’s a clever social media campaign created by Oreo cookies, promoting their delicious holiday cookie ball treats! Oreo teamed up with comedy network Above Average as well as digital marketing […]

  • Food Styling
  • Made in the South

    Cynthia Groseclose styled this beautiful story for Garden and Gun, shot by Tara Donne.  Craftmanship has always been a fine Southern tradition and these days it is more apparent than ever.  The newest generation is designing and building the most beautiful objects, the best of which are highlighted in this story. If you’re looking for […]

  • Food Styling
  • Cake and Cookies

    Mariana Velasquez is totally getting a bill this month for all my dental work.  Just when you think that you have a sweet tooth in check, she comes out with another dessert story to make you fall off the wagon.  Shot by Johnny Miller, this story for InStyle is yet another in a long line […]

  • Food Styling
  • Best-Loved

    Mariana Velasquez styled this gorgeous cover for Gourmet, shot by meatball fanatic Marcus Nilsson.  There is something so masterful in the ability to make the simplest recipes beautiful.  Anyone can tweak a crazy chef dish to be interesting, but to take a ‘best-loved recipe’ and give it that timeless quality – that is the mark […]