The Fright Stuff

With Halloween just a few days away, we thought it fitting to share this holiday decorations story from the October issue of Woman’s Day! The story was prop styled by the wonderful Courtney de Wet, and features a number of creative yet simple Halloween decoration DIYs that we can’t wait to try. Find the full story below and have […]

Summer Fun

Prop stylist Scott Horne has some playful new work in the most recent issues of Parents Magazine. The stories showcase a ton of fun and engaging summer crafts and treats for parents to make with their kids. There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy, so don’t waste it being bored!

Happy as a Clam(bake).

We definitely dig this! In the new issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray (on newsstands now!), we’re given the ultimate step by step guide to the summer beach clambake. Los Angeles chef Ben Ford is known for creating legendary meals, and this clambake is no different. In this fun feature, we get a behind the scenes look […]

Mommy’s Little Helper

“Want to get your tot in the habit of helping out around the house? Disguise chores as games and let the fun begin!” It’s no surprise to learn that kids can be messy. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty common knowledge. But have hope parents! Here are some creative and fun ways to clean up the […]