Mommy’s Little Helper

“Want to get your tot in the habit of helping out around the house? Disguise chores as games and let the fun begin!” It’s no surprise to learn that kids can be messy. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty common knowledge. But have hope parents! Here are some creative and fun ways to clean up the […]

The Stuff of Life

Hilary Robertson recently launched an amazing book, The Stuff of Life: a guide to interior design and styling. Many of the houses that interior designers show me look more like hotels than homes. And that’s because there is often nothing personal about them: a designer created them and the owners haven’t managed to add those personal […]

A Special-Needs World

Parents Magazine recently published this very important story about special needs children and their families. According to the article, 1 in 6 children are born with a disability, be that physical or mental. It’s super important for everyone, parent or not, to gain more awareness about children with special needs, and we think Parents Magazine […]

Toy With Your Decor

In this January 2014 issue of Parents Magazine, styled by the amazing Hilary Robertson, the experts give us great tips for updating a child’s room. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d say some of these style tips could be fun for adults too. I love the idea of mixing bright colors and patterns. […]


Hilary Robertson styled these luscious openers for Town and Country, all shot by David Prince.  All the gorgeous little trinkets that signify true luxury. Ostentatious watch bands around your favorite timepiece, collector’s ashtray’s from the old world’s greatest restaurants, collector pins to go on your nicest suit.  Using these as an example, you could define luxury […]


Hilary Robertson‘s elegant home was just featured on the cover of Living Etc.  The photographs by the incomparable Matthew Williams really give a great sense of Hilary’s style and vision.  Every little nook and cranny is perfectly placed and balanced with the rest of the space.  It’s the kind of touch that she brings to […]

Natural Beauty

Around here it is easy to take table-setting for granted.  Our stylist friends have kitchens and closets and shelves filled with the most exquisite, esoteric, gorgeous plates and bowls, platters and containers.  It’s a high end form of hoarding that goes beyond collecting – it is an obsession with form and craftsmanship. Hector Sanchez photographed this […]

A Brownstone Bridal Shower

Hilary Robertson teamed up with the most talented photographer Addie Juell for this sumptuous shoot on location. Hilary talked about how the shoot made everyone reminisce: Everyone has tried on the veil, eaten La Durée macaroons, tossed back Veuve Cliquot, opened presents, admired The Dress, tried on The Ring.  I asked Addie to shoot a […]


For the April cover of Country Living, Hilary Robertson styled these beautifully intricate eggs, photographed by the graceful Burcu Avsar.  It’s a great spring story and we especially love the place settings with stitched napkins and real flowers.  A nice touch to any special dinner.  And in case you were wondering about the secret to […]


Hilary Robertson styled this wonderfully symmetric cover for Elle Decor, shot by unwavering William Waldron.  It really is astounding just how much the image was shot to match the design of the cover.  I just picture them with the cover overlay up on the screen, managing the tiniest details and chosen asymmetries, like the bag on […]

Decorating with Plants

Hilary Robertson styled this simple yet luscious story for Real Simple, shot by the green-thumbed Christopher Baker.  There is something so peaceful about plants – the kind of life to have in your home that not only adds a beautiful touch, but also a real living object that animates the rest of the decor.  Why […]