For our last post before Christmas, we wanted to feature this story by Sweet Paul mastermind Paul Lowe and photographer Dana Gallagher.  A very classic and understated approach to putting a new twist on old traditions.  The story has some great crafts and the photos are just sublime – they feel like the kind of […]

Michigan Traditions

For the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens, David Land traveled to Grand Rapids Michigan to photograph some of the Bengtson family traditions.  The holidays are always like that – bringing out the collection of family ornaments, whipping up a batch of that long-familiar egg nog, trying to keep the roof from sliding off […]

Holiday Pairings

Red and green.  Milk and cookies.  Hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Amaryllis and poinsettia.  Ed Gallagher paired up with the perennially beautiful photographer Kate Mathis for Better Homes and Gardens to bring beautiful holiday bouquets to life.  This week is going to be rather hectic getting everything together for the holiday – look to the magazines for nice shortcuts […]

In the Woods with Sweet Paul

It is very fitting to call this story ‘Natural Sparkle’ when you team up the indomitable vision of Sweet Paul and the unassailable talent of photographer Dana Gallagher.  Following along with the development of this story for Better Homes and Gardens was so fascinating.  Starting in the beginning of July the details started to come […]

Giving Thanks Everyday

This month’s Everyday Food has the requisite Thanksgiving standbys as well as some nice autumn meals and great recipes to keep the in-laws from eating the the tablecloths, napkins, and anything else that isn’t nailed down.  Not to mention the sumptuous photos styled by Hilary Robertson and shot by Big Leo in-law Anna Williams.  If […]