Get to Know David Land

Photographer David A. Land was interviewed earlier this month by the Creative Voices Project,  a collection of video interviews of professionals in the creative arts. Through Creative Voices, you can listen to photographers, musicians, portrait artists, interior designers etc., tell their unique stories. In this interview, David talks about how he fell in love with photography and his […]

#TBT David Land in Havana

For today’s #throwbackthursday we’re sharing this beautiful photograph shot by David Land. The image really changed David’s approach to photography. “It’s an image I shot in Havana, Cuba. It was a last minute trip. I was still working as an assistant and I traveled down to Havana with a good friend. Up until that time, I had never really […]

Caribbean Craft

David Land packed up his gear and traveled all the way down to Haiti for this shoot on Carribean Craft for West Elm and HandEye Magazine.  I feel like there was a time when it seemed that all manufacturing was moving towards bigger and more volume and lower quality, when buying from a company meant […]

Sweet Paul’s Spring Issue

It must be spring – 70 degrees in NYC and the launch of Sweet Paul‘s newest issue!  Even though we’ve all come to expect inspiration and beauty from each issue, this one outdoes them all yet again!  Featuring 12 (!!) well stories on everything from eggs to the color of the season to stenciling and […]