Live Outside

Jim Bastardo recently shot the two annual books for Lowe’s: Outdoor Furniture and Outdoor Tools.  We caught up with Jim to talk a little about the experience of working on such a large production: “Both were huge endeavors.  The scale on the furniture book was epic: 30 days of shooting in temperatures over 100 degree, […]


Hot on the heels of a great Memorial Day weekend  comes this makeover story for a homecoming Army sergeant, beautifully photographed for HGTV Magazine by Big Leo’s own Jim Bastardo.  Waiting for your husband to come home on leave must be excruciating, and a huge project like this is the perfect thing to fill those […]

Organized Crimes

Jim Bastardo has photos in the new Martha Stewart special Organizing issue – it is a nice little book that has great ideas on saving space.  Maybe it just all our stylist friends but tchotchkes start to band together in a mob of angry objects that threaten to storm the peaceful calm of any apartment. […]

Bedding Within Reach

Design Within Reach has just launched a new line of bedding. Before you queue up the usual bed jokes, go check out the line, it is actually really nice. Italian sheets, coverlets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.  Sleek and comfy all wrapped up into the ultimate naptime.  All photographed by the sharp eye of Jim Bastardo.  Also, […]

Throwing Curves

Eva Ziesel described herself as ‘a maker of useful things.’  Such an understatement from one of the titans of 20th century design. From someone who survived solitary confinement in Stalin’s prisons, took the last train out of Austria when the Nazis invaded, and arrived in the US with $67 in her pocket.  From someone who […]

Welded Steel

For the August issue of the Design Within Reach catalog, Jim Bastardo had the good fortune to travel with a team to a restored mind-century home designed by the architect Arthur Witthoefft.  The home was painstakingly restored by Todd Goddard and Andrew Mandolene before being added to the National and New York State Registers of Historic Places. Jim […]

Within Reach

In mailboxes everywhere – Jim Bastardo shoots the cover of this season’s Design Within Reach catalog.  It is so rare to have such a great mind meld between photographer and client – you can just tell right away that they just get it, and work together to visually define a brand.  In a time of […]