ShopSmart with Kat Teutsch

We’re weeks away from spring which means 1. warmer weather (maybe???) and 2. spring cleaning! Thanks to ShopSmart Magazine (the fabulous cover photographed by Kat Teutsch), we can breathe a sigh of relief. They’ve got loads of tips, tricks, and solutions to make spring organization a whole lot easier. Sad news for me though, I’ll probably […]

The Art of Roasting

There is nothing like the smell of a warm kitchen with something roasting in the oven.  Take it to another level with this beautiful story by Kat Teutsch for Prevention.  It’s amazing how such a simple comfort food can have so many variations, yet still be so easy to prepare.  Just pick out whatever vegetables […]


Emma Feigenbaum hand-crafted this sumptuous fresh pasta for a project with photographer Kat Teutsch.  It’s hard to even write about something like homemade pasta – it can only be experienced.  Just looking at the pictures you can tell how the taste, the texture, everything about it is different.  You might as well not even call […]

Weeknight Dinners

Kat Teutsch shot this cute little story for Woman’s Day, styled by Erin Swift and Susan Sugarman.  Those weeknight dinners are always tough – you get home from work exhausted, the kids are so excited to see you, there isn’t a ton in the fridge, it’s almost like the last thing you have energy for is […]

One Wreath

Spring is coming, and not a moment too soon.  It was an agonizing wait for Daylight Savings, but now the days are longer and the flowers are starting to peek up from the ground.  What better way to ring in the new season witha handmade wreath, like the ones Kat Teutsch photographed for Woman’s Day? […]