Super Heroes

Check out the latest work from prop stylist Liz Engelhardt in the November issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. This story is a special one as it features a group of very talented kids, previously appearing in the magazine’s Cook with Kids column. The story is all about sub sandwiches–or heroes or hogies, depending […]

House Beautiful + Honda

We’re thrilled to share some more work from Barbara Schmidt’s huge shoot with The Hearst Corporation and Honda! These images are from a story currently featured in House Beautiful. The story outlines some great tips on how to make your kitchen more functional (and beautiful), and to grow as your family grows! Read the story below. […]

Let’s Hang!

Here’s another kid-centric story from prop stylist Liz Engelhardt and Family Fun! If you’re looking to organize your child’s bedroom or playroom, try some of these fun ideas for vertical storage. Liz provides us with some really awesome hook options to play up the decor of the room, rather than stifle it. Our personal favorite is […]

Summer Fun

Prop stylist Scott Horne has some playful new work in the most recent issues of Parents Magazine. The stories showcase a ton of fun and engaging summer crafts and treats for parents to make with their kids. There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy, so don’t waste it being bored!

Harten in Vogue

We’re pleased to welcome Gerard Harten to The Den! Check out his whimsical kids fashion story that is currently featured in Vogue Kids – Fall/Winter 2015. We love Harten’s fashion forward approach to kids photography and think these photos really exemplify his aesthetic and style. We can’t wait to share more of Harten’s beautiful work with you!

Rock Star Kids

Set designer and prop stylist extraordinaire, Liz Engelhardt recently worked on an incredibly fun shoot with photographer & director Josh Rothstein. The shoot features some pretty amazing kids turned rappers, break dancers, and rock musicians. As you may be able to tell (photos below), the set itself was extremely elaborate, requiring Liz to completely transform an empty garage into a rock star […]

Mommy’s Little Helper

“Want to get your tot in the habit of helping out around the house? Disguise chores as games and let the fun begin!” It’s no surprise to learn that kids can be messy. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty common knowledge. But have hope parents! Here are some creative and fun ways to clean up the […]