From Bland to Grand

Check out the latest interior work from photographer Nicole LaMotte in the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Nicole photographed the California home of Maribeth Cunningham, showing off the space’s fantastic makeover. BHG breaks down the before & after  makeover into easy to follow steps, helping us readers find simple ways to improve our […]

Makeover Magic

Prop stylist Ed Gallagher has some awesome new interior work in this month’s issue of Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine! The story showcases the pro kitchen of chefs Marge Perry and David Bonam. The pair recently renovated their kitchen space, keeping organization a priority. Check it OUT! Photos by Lucy Schaeffer


David Land traveled down south to New Orleans for HGTV Magazine, to the home of the Burkhardts. Their home was hammered by Katrina but they persevered and redid the house, room by room.  And it’s not just about the house – the whole neighborhood benefits from this kind of hard work.  Everyone there went through the flood and […]

Social Hours

Stylist Ed Gallagher brought his gentle touch to this story for Better Homes and Gardens. It’s all about a kitchen makeover and how the updates to an old space brought a new spark to the homeowners’ social life.  No one wants to invite friends over to a small dark kitchen, where the only thing you […]


Hot on the heels of a great Memorial Day weekend  comes this makeover story for a homecoming Army sergeant, beautifully photographed for HGTV Magazine by Big Leo’s own Jim Bastardo.  Waiting for your husband to come home on leave must be excruciating, and a huge project like this is the perfect thing to fill those […]

Dumais Interior Design

New York Magazine went behind the scenes of interior designer Kevin Dumais‘s new apartment.  He downsized, from 800 sq ft to 350 sq ft.  For an interiors photographer, small spaces are the ultimate challenge.  How far back can you go, how wide of a lens can you use, how can you really capture the depth […]

Upgrading Fido

Hilary Robertson styles the cover story in the September issue of Country Living, shot by the harmonious Miki Duisterhof.  The buzzword is ‘makeover’ but unfortunately a copy of the magazine only comes with pretty pictures and not Hilary in person.  Without her, what takes an ‘hour’ might as well take all month.  She just has […]