Warrior Woman

Photographer Ian Spanier photographed crossfit superstar Brook Ence for the cover of Oxygen Magazine. Brooke talks about how she keeps her stellar body in amazing shape, and focuses on strength. She also opens up about her roles outside the gym as actress and motivator. Read below!

Sparkle Heart

We’re so excited to share this whimsical new fashion story, prop styled by Kristine Trevino! Photographer Sarah Kehoe shot the flirty editorial, and features models Reece Perkins and Tayla Marie. Check out Kristine’s amazing painted heart background! Photographer: Sarah Kehoe Instagram // @sarahkehoe Producer/Wardrobe Stylist: Lainey Nash //@laineynash Hair and Make Up: Fumiaki Nakagawa // […]

First Place

Check out Ian Spanier’s portrait of tattoo artist Tommy Helm which took first place in Rangefinder Magazine’s “Seeing the Light” Competition. Helm is also the star of Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares. We admire Ian’s choice to keep this portrait very simple and let the tattoos and pose speak for themselves.

Wall Street Journal

People who don’t have time, make time to read the Wall Street Journal. This is the tag line of the latest ads from The Wall Street Journal. Prop styled by Liz Engelhardt, and photographed by Craig LaCourt, the print ads feature Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP and an avid WSJ reader. The portraits encapsulate […]

Can Anyone Beat Ronda Rousey?

The Feb/Mar 15 issue of UFC Magazine Features Ian Spanier’s image of UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey for the cover. Rousey will be defending her belt on Feb 28th. UFC VP Creative Director Heidi Noland, UFC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Seth Kelly and Art Director Randy Laybourne as well as Stylist Jean Lee Getson were the creatives involved.

World in Focus

We’re so proud to announce that Brian Pineda had his work selected by PDN for their World in Focus contest.  It’ a great portrait of the family he drove around Mongolia with.  After two weeks on the road you really get to know someone, and they start to open up to you.  That’s the thing […]

Frack Off

Earlier this year, Jörg Meyer photographed Josh Fox, director of Gasland, for Columbia Magazine.  I don’t think it is a stretch to call Gasland one of the most important documentaries of our generation – it goes beyond fracking and touches on the horrible way that we treat the environment, and by extension, ourselves.  To me, […]

Throwing Curves

Eva Ziesel described herself as ‘a maker of useful things.’  Such an understatement from one of the titans of 20th century design. From someone who survived solitary confinement in Stalin’s prisons, took the last train out of Austria when the Nazis invaded, and arrived in the US with $67 in her pocket.  From someone who […]