Born to Perform

Here’s the latest from photographer Ian Spanier! Ian photographed the amazing women of the UCLA gymnastics team for UCLA Magazine. The team is known for their unusual dances they build into their floor routine, making them YouTube sensations. Read about these incredible athletes below!

Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott and photographer Ian Spanier were introduced when they worked together on an assignment for Muscle & Fitness, which featured Ian’s portraits of Andy in a regular monthly column. In fact, Andy McDermott has a rather interesting history. The now working actor left his career as a police officer in Phoenix after appearing in […]

A Special-Needs World

Parents Magazine recently published this very important story about special needs children and their families. According to the article, 1 in 6 children are born with a disability, be that physical or mental. It’s super important for everyone, parent or not, to gain more awareness about children with special needs, and we think Parents Magazine […]

All About the Benjamins

Jorg Meyer recently had the pleasure of photographing Benjamin Todd Jealous for Columbia Magazine.  Benjamin is the youngest ever national leader of the NAACP.  Jorg was with him in Washington and had this to say: He was a wonderful person to work with – so professional. First on location, and than in a prepared studio […]

Pineda on Ice

Brian Pineda has always been proactive about shooting – it’s just in his veins to get out there and make pictures.  Not pictures like coffee cups and magnolias in the springtime.  He works hard to get the tough shots.  The ones that involve extreme locations.  Getting himself to engage with all kinds of different and […]

Get Fresh

David Land shot this beautiful cover for Lonny magazine, featuring floral designed Brittany Asch of BRRCH.  I was talking to a friend the other day about magazines, and how there are almost 200 new titles each year.  Except that, only about 20 make it to one year, and only about 5 make it to 2 years.  And […]

Paul Auster by Jörg Meyer

Jörg Meyer recently had the opportunity to photograph the distinguished author Paul Auster for Columbia Magazine.  It’s hard to overstate Auster’s contributions to the world of writing – his books and plays have won numerous awards and his influence continues to shape young writers everywhere.  Going in to the shoot Jörg was excited – portraits […]


Here in the city there are hordes of kids walking to school every morning.  The next generation getting ready to take over – will they be ready?  Of course they will be ready – they are big hearts in a little body.  Sure, they wear a size 6 t-shirt, but deep down they are already […]