Bathroom Makeovers

We’re in love with this DIY bathroom makeover story prop styled by Courtney de Wet! The story ran in Redbook Magazine’s July issue, and features some innovative (and inexpensive) design tips that even us non-handy people can pull off. As always, Courtney continues to impress us with her immense talent and eye for design. Maybe […]

Perfect Thanksgiving Pie Crust

There’s nothing we look forward to more on Thanksgiving than dessert. Yup, we’re talkin’ Thanksgiving pie! Now, Big Leo represents some amazing stylists who can easily whip up a gorgeous cake or pastry styled to perfection. We however, need a little help. Lopsided pies aren’t exactly pretty. Thankfully, Kat Teutsch photographed the perfect pie crust […]


For this story in Redbook, Mariana Velasquez wasn’t just going to stop at marshmallows and chocolate.  Raspberries and raspberry jam, in case your s’mores weren’t messy enough!  You should have seen how long it took to get all the sticky bits out of Philip Fick‘s beard.

Genius Bar

When you go to the genius bar at the Apple store, all you’re going to get is a reinstall, a software update, and some germs from the guy in front of you who can’t be bothered to clean his greasy iTouch.  Ew. When you come to Big Leo, genius bar means one of these bar […]