Best Buy: Magnolia

In January, photographer Alex Hayden shot this chic condo in Chelsea for Magnolia Home Theater, the high end home automation, home theater, and audio brand of Best Buy. Alex worked with prop and interior stylist Ed Gallagher, to create these images. The condo featured automatic shades and curtains, climate control, lighting control, and TVs that […]

Google Home

We’re so thrilled to share some new lifestyle work from Big Leo photographer Nicole LaMotte! Nicole collaborated with Google and photographed the social media portion of the campaign for Google Home. The new Google Home is a voice activated speaker, powered by Google Assistant. So, for example, if you’re cooking and need to ask a question […]

BlackBerry Leap

We’re thrilled to share this brand new advertising campaign for BlackBerry, photographed by mega-talent Brook Pifer! All the photos for the campaign were shot on location in San Francisco for the new BlackBerry Leap smartphone. The ads aim to connect with a younger demographic of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Brook was definitely the perfect fit to shoot […]

James Beard on Your Smart Phone

We’re always looking to cook restaurant-worthy meals at home, because let’s face it, boring salads are – well – boring! Thankfully, The James Beard Foundation has come to our rescue by introducing a pretty amazing new app for smart phones. James Beard Foundation Vegetables: Recipes by Award-Winning Chefs (JBF Vegetables for short) provides us culinary […]

Ready to Wear?

According to Barron’s magazine, ‘the internet of things is headed for your wrist.’ Considering the amazing things our smart phones can do and how fast they’ve evolved, we’re not surprised by this shift towards wearable technology. I mean, we’re basically attached (literally) to our phones anyway, right? Why not wear them?? Of course the implications of that question […]

Tech Toys

Mariana Velasquez styled this month’s trendspotting column for Food & Wine.  Since we’re talking about ‘tech toys’ and the ‘kitchen tools you never needed,’ let’s take a look at the article’s ‘go-to gadget’ called the Thermomix.  What can it do? “Thermomix is a mincer, a grater, a dough maker, a juicer, a whisk, a blender, […]