Team Yogurt!

With the help of Big Leo food stylist Emma Feigenbaum, Yoplait has created these fun commercial spots for their regular, light, and greek yogurts. And if you’re wondering what goes into the yogurt styling process, just ask Emma! It was fun since there were 100’s of containers of yogurt and I got to play with! […]

Taste Real

Out now, across the nation, on billboards, bus shelters, and in print magazines everywhere, Sheri Giblin‘s images grace the new Chobani campaign!  It was an incredible team effort, and we’d like to extend a special thanks to Boathouse and art producer Caitlin Ravin, producer Dawn Bauer from A76 Productions, food stylist Maria del mar Sacasa, and prop […]


Out this month, Mariana Velasquez developed recipes for the London-based Snog and their new healthy treats cookbook.  The recipes are all based around organic fat free yogurt and gluten-free products, so they’re all very healthy.  And yet still manage to be delicious, and completely original.  I would normally be skeptical but if you just look […]