Salad Days

Evi Abeler has photographed another beautiful story for Culture Magazine — this time featuring a handful of delicious salads for the summer season and beyond. And in keeping with Culture style, each salad contains a different type of cheese. Culture has even included a handy chart to help guide any future salad making adventures!    

Backyard Classics

The best way to cook meat is over a fire.  Call us primitive, but nothing beats an open flame and smoky flavor. Food stylist Cynthia Groseclose went back to basics for these Cooking Light covers, shot by Barney Rubble.  I mean, Squire Fox.  So this weekend make sure to stock up on paper towels, because […]

Taco Taco!

Even after a Cinco de Mayo filled with guac, seeing these works of art by Carrie Purcell still makes me want to chase down the taco truck to find the ultimate in tortilla goodness.  And Carrie would know – after so many years in Santa Barbara at her favorite haunts like La Super Rica and […]

Just Ripe

On the solstice, I always think of that quintessential summer taste: fresh tomatoes. Cynthia Groseclose styled these beauties for Southern Living, shot by the fine southern gentleman Iain Bagwell.  The only tough thing about tomatoes in the garden is that you have to sit there and wait for them to get just ripe.  Hoe them, […]


Andrew Purcell behind the camera. Carrie Purcell at the stove. A studio chock full of bread and cheese for Food Network Magazine’s article on 50 grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just thinking about it makes me want to diet for a week.  You know, so that the next week I can eat all 50.  By the end […]